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  3. Question Asked by Anonymous
    “Desde quando matt esta na selecao americana ?”

    Na seleção principal desde 2008/2009, não lembro direito.

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    “Who are the lady and the man with beard he is hugging in the gifs below, after the final match in Florence?”

    I don’t know.

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    He’s single, ladies!

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    "I've just completed the #ALSicebucketchallenge I've nominated USA field hockey player Rachel Dawson, UMD WVolleyball coach Steve Aird and my brother Josh Anderson. Added bonus, if you dump ice and don't donate, I'll donate $200 per person" - Matt Anderson.

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  9. Question Asked by Anonymous
    “Do you know matt's official Instagram? I follow two and I'm not sure which is correct. Because on one of them there is a girl who looks as if they could be dating. I don't know if this is an actual account or not.”

    Matt’s official Instagram Is mja5041. What is another account you have?

  10. Question Asked by Anonymous
    “anderson mora na russia ou usa ?”

    A maior parte do ano ele mora na Rússia.

PortraitThis page is dedicated to volleyball player Matt Anderson, member of the USA National Team.

He plays for Russian club team Zenit Kazan. Leave your comment or Ask me anything. 
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